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As a focal point of its community, the Festival du Voyageur inc. is internationally renowned for its year-round, unique, interactive, historical and cultural experiences, which reflect the Voyageur era and the joie de vivre of Manitoba’s Francophones.

The Festival du Voyageur inc. is an innovative catalyst for economic growth in the domains of culture and tourism for its neighbourhood, community, province and country, all in the spirit of viable and durable partnerships. As one of the sculptors of the Francophone identity in Manitoba, the Festival du Voyageur inc. demonstrates pride, thereby allowing the important history of this new world to be told through all generations, to transcend all cultures and spread throughout the world.

The programming of Festival du Voyageur showcases mainly francophone artists, whether local, national or international.  Traditional French Canadian music is the highlight of the festival with its distinct sound created by guitars, fiddles, spoons, jaw harps and various instruments. Festival du Voyageur also has its own song, “The Voyageur Song”, with lyrics written by Gérald Lavoie and melody by Marcien Ferland.



233 Provencher Boulevard Winnipeg MB Canada R2H0G4
1 204 237 7692
1 204 233 7576


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