Madame Diva

Madame Diva



Jocelyne Baribeau
Box 16 Groupe 24 RR2 Ste Anne MB Canada R5H1R
1 204 771 5185

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Madame Diva celebrates 10 years of children's music!

After a decade as a successful early childhood Kindermusik educator, Jocelyne Baribeau got caught up in her own magic, tangled if you will in a world of puppets and boas to become the irrepressible, the bubbly, ever popular Madame Diva.

In spite of her flamboyant, eccentric self, Madame Diva’s underlying goal en anglais et in French, is to take her young audience on a journey to explore an absolutely inclusive world wrapping children with a comforting blanket of melody and insightful lyrics that were noted as some of the most poignant of 2009, 2013 and 2014 by the juries of the Western Canadian Music Award’s and Canadian Folk Music Award’s.

VIVA LA DIVA was awarded a recommendation award from the PARENTS' CHOICE AWARDS in the USA.

Performances include: 

Juste pour rire - Montréal, Festival d'été de Vancouver, Mini-tfo television performances, Winnipeg International Children's Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Contact Ouest - Edmonton




Viva La Diva



"Egypte" from Viva La Diva


Alenvers!! by Madame Diva

L'ARBRE by Madame Diva

L'amitié by Madame Diva



Zing-E-Zing Madame Diva

Lancement: février 18, 2017

Réalisateur: Daniel ROA

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Viva La Diva

Viva La Diva Madame Diva

Lancement: décembre 2, 2012

Label: Independent

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Madame Diva

Madame Diva Madame Diva

Lancement: novembre 10, 2009

Réalisateur: Daniel Perreaux, Jocelyne Baribeau

Label: Self Released

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