Sat, Aug 24, 2019 at 7:30pm
Mettant En Vedette
Anne-Marie Williot
Tiny Gallery Projects
84 Albert Street, Winnipeg, MB
Tiny Gallery Projects
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Anne-Marie Williot playfully invites you to a land of cobblestone streets and candle-lit cafes, where dreams and reality dance together with the sounds of accordion, guitar, and a clear voice, shutting eyelids and swaying bones. Originally from Quebec and having lived in Spain, Anne-Marie writes in French, English, and Spanish. She now lives in Winnipeg. She will be accompanied by Ian Cherry on the upright bass.

We support accessible pricing - low-income, artists/students, and family pricing is available for those coming with children, send us a message.

Anne-Marie Williot in Concert is part of Tiny Shows concert series. In search of an alternative for musicians and audiences wanting a more personal music venue, our friend Ben came up with Tiny Shows in Dec 2017. All-ages, with only 20-25 seats per show, Tiny Shows provide a more intimate and connected experience, while allowing the audience to take in the artwork at Tiny Gallery. 


Bird on my Shoulder by Anne-Marie Williot




"House Full of Gold (with Natanielle Felicitas on Cello)" par Anne-Marie Williot

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