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  Bill Venue  
Harvest Sun Music Fest
Harvest Sun Music Fest
Route 10 Collective
The Madtrappers
Sol James
Matt Foster
Shotgun Jimmie
Mise en Scene
Ego Spank
Al Simmons
Logan McKillop
Patti Kusturok
Slow Spirit
Noof & Zeuf
James Culleton
Old Bones Buffalo
Anne-Marie Williot
Marcel Desilets
The Young Pixels
Double the Trouble
Kenzie Jane
Rob Waddell
Alana Levandoski
Kayla Luky
Bzwax Hammy
Ian Porteous
Marc Clement
Melisa Stefaniw
Nathalia Polischuk
Colton McKillop
Tipi Joe
Bruce Leparre
Kelwood, MB
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